Use For Wheeled Dumper Hire


Wheeled dumper hire is used within a variety of industries and for a few different types of on-site tasks. Sometimes it is to help with the removal of rubble, concrete, timber, and other materials that are debris on a site and need to be removed prior to work commencing, in other cases they are used to move materials from one part of a site to another as and when they are needed during the task process. Your plant hire experts are on hand to help you decide what type of wheeled dumper hire is best suited to your site, tasks, and budget, ensuring standards are met and maintained and efficiency is key.

What are wheeled dumpers used for?

You see wheeled dumper hire mainly used within construction, where dumper trucks are used to transport various types of loose material and debris, such as rubble, earth, gravel, and sand. It carries a load in the front of the driver, with a skip tip that dumps the load where it is required. A modern dumper hire can be used to transport a wide variety of materials around a construction site. Other industries that wheeled dumpers are used in commonly include mining industries, engineering projects such as building bridges, roads, airports etc.

Wheeled dumpers are used within:

  • Sites where there is little space to manoeuvre in or where there is tight and restricted access
  • Sites that have uneven or boggy surfaces to move on
  • Sites with steep inclines
  • Sites where there is a need for minimum pressure and footprint left behind

Are there different types of dumper?

Alongside the standard wheeled dumper hire you’ll see that there are a few different types of dumper trucks of varying shapes and sizes. Your choice of dumper will depend on the capacity you require, and your plant hire specialist can help you in making the best decision to boost efficiency for your specific tasks, site, and location. 

The weight of the material being carried will have an impact on your choice of dumper, alongside the size of the skip tip, the volume of the load, and other on-site factors. Mini dumpers, skip loaders, lightweight wheeled dumpers of 1 tonne capacity through to 10 tonne capacity, high skip dumpers, high swivel dumpers, and also the tracked dumper, are all available options.

A good plant lease company with the experience and skills to provide wheeled dumper hire will help your company furnish upcoming projects with the right type of equipment and machinery as and when you need it. This can make a massive difference to the high standards of performance and efficiency you want to deliver on site, maintain high safety standards, and lower your costs in the process. There are a few different uses for a wheeled dumper on construction sites, within engineering projects, landscaping sites, and other situations where there is the need to move materials and large quantities of debris around and off site.