Here are some things to consider when designing a laundry room for your business


A third space in the house that is receiving more attention than the bath and kitchen is the laundry room. Planning and designing your laundry space will require consideration of all the ways you intend to use it. This simple guide will make planning your laundry room decor ideas easy. You must ensure that every element you will need is included before you start your laundry room remodel. To determine which elements will be needed, you need to first assess the space.

Is your laundry room located in the right place?

It is important to choose the right location. This is because you will need access to water, electricity, ventilation, and possibly a gas supply depending on the appliances that you have. Because of the convenience and proximity to water supply, electricity, and gas lines in the area, many homeowners prefer to have their laundry room located near the kitchen.

Also, make sure your electricity providers can handle the power your washing machine will spend without raising your power bill.

Is there enough space in the house?

The laundry room must have sufficient space to store a variety of items. This includes a washer and dryer as well as a sink and countertop space. Space is also needed for moving around and completing tasks. You will need more space if you want to add storage or additional accessories, such as an ironing board. The good news is that you can design and create floor plan of your laundry room with Foyr Neo 3D rendering software.

Who will use the laundry room? 

When you locate your laundry room, washers and dryers can create quite a lot of noise. Is the noise disruptive to the family? It is important to have the laundry room in a central place that allows everyone easy access. Accessible design elements are also important if you have elderly or disabled relatives who will use this room.

Plan Your Space

Once you have chosen the location for your laundry room, you will need to evaluate the space to determine how the various elements will fit. You will need enough space to place the washer and dryer. American washers and dryers are approximately 27-29 inches wide, 25-32 inches deep and 36 inches high. However, some models do not fit these dimensions. Consider how the washer and dryer are loaded and unloaded. Are they front-loading or top-loading models?

Laundry hampers and sinks

Make sure you have enough space for laundry baskets or hampers that can be used to collect dirty clothes. For laundry sorting, multiple hampers might be needed. The sink is a common feature of laundry rooms. It is used to dilute detergents, rinse clothes or wash hand-washing items. To facilitate workflow, the best place for the sink should be next to the washer. A larger sink with a large bowl is best if you use the sink for laundry chores.

Ironing space

This is an optional component in your laundry area. A built-in, pull down ironing board is a good option if you want to do all your laundry in one spot. You should ensure that you have enough space to use your ironing board comfortably and that you have sufficient space for storage of your iron and other ironing items.