What are the Signs that You Should Replace Your Sofa?


Have you ever been to a house without a sofa? Think about all of your friend’s house, relatives, and even neighbours. Do they all have one?

It is difficult to imagine a house without a sofa. Whether they are made from high-grade leather or the simplest fabric sofa in Singapore, it has always been the key piece of home decor. But, they are not built to last a lifetime.

When your current sofa is looking beaten down and worn, it might be time that you look for a new one. Some may find that this is another sizable investment that takes so much off your budget. So, you might be at a crossroads. Let this article help you out!


The Importance of Having a Good Quality Sofa at Home

You may argue that you do not need to look at a sofa and, instead, go for any other pieces in that online furniture store in Singapore. However, you must know how important it is to have a good quality one. Here are some reasons you should know:


A most used piece of furniture

Among the many furniture pieces you have at home, your sofa is the most used. It is a place where you entertain guests, play with your kids, and relax. Hence, you only deserve the best!

Anchor piece of your home decor

With the many items in your living room, your imported leather sofa from Singapore can tie all these items together. One can say it is the queen of all of your other items. It establishes a mood and provides a good impression of a stylish home!

It gathers family

Living rooms are a resting place for everyone in the house. So, it would not be good to have them in bad condition. As much as possible, replace them as soon as they are showing signs of deterioration so your family can enjoy a good time with your family!


What are the Signs It is Time to Replace Your Sofa?

Likened to how you would not eat a meal that has been on the table for an hour or two, no one would be able to enjoy an old sofa. But, not everyone knows how “old” a sofa should get before replacing it with a new high-quality fabric sofa from Singapore.

If you are one of those clueless sofa owners, let these signs help you know:


Creaking noises

A quality sofa should not make a squeaking, popping, or creaking noise whenever you sit down. It is a common sign that it has structural damage that affects comfort. The source of these sounds may come from a broken joint or a weakened metal spring inside your sofa.

If you do not want your neighbours thinking you are doing something else, you should look into a sofa sale in Singapore to purchase a new one.

Flat or sunken padding

Sagging sofa cushions are not good in giving lumbar support. A sofa that is still in good shape has a soft padding that gives your bum a good, comfortable surface to land on. It becomes different if you start feeling the plywood after a few minutes of sitting.

If your sofa does not have plenty of cushion space where you can sit, so you do not sink one spot, you should invest in a modular sofa in Singapore. With this, you will have a wide space where you and your family members can lounge together!

A mysterious odour has spread in your living room

After cleaning your living room a hundred times, you should have gotten rid of that odour. But, if not, you may be dealing with a sofa problem. Pets, kids, and sweaty bodies come in contact with your sofa every day, and their smells might have mixed up and sheltered in the stitches of your sofa fabric.

While you can get a cleaning service to deal with that, a sofa can only bear a limited amount of washes. If your sofa has endured so much, it is time to buy a new one. For low maintenance, you might want to consider getting a leather sofa from Singapore this time.

A change in home decor

As much as you want to keep that floral printed sofa you inherited from your mum, it may be an eyesore if you are going for a Scandinavian home interior. What you can do is to keep it in a self-storage space so you would not feel like you are abandoning the sofa that gave you so much comfort.

Remember that you can do anything you want in your space. Thus, if you think that you need a sofa that can match your designer furniture from Singapore, you should not feel guilty purchasing the sofa that you want!

You are moving to a new space

Whether you are upgrading your space or downsizing, your old sofa may not fit in anymore. In terms of size, aesthetics, and even a new lifestyle, you should have a sofa that will suit your needs. Thus, before moving, measure your new space to know if your old couch can still have a place there.

Now that you have the liberty to choose what you can buy, you should opt for a loveseat fabric sofa in Singapore. They are space-savers since it only has a two cushion configuration. It is good for a person who lives alone with casual guests.


The Sofa For You: What Should You Get?

There are several types of sofas that you can buy online. Some shops also offer customisation services to provide you with what you want in your home. If customisation services are out of your option, there are readily made sofas that you can buy today. However, you may have a difficult time buying one from the overwhelming number of sofas out there.

To know what you can get and what you should get, here are some of the most popular sofa styles that may match your aesthetic preferences, family needs, and personal style:


Leather sofa

Leather might not appear to be the most practical material for a sofa, so why is it so popular? When you see leather sofa choices in Singapore stores, you can be easily drawn to them because of their classy appearance. They come in rich hues and tones, from dark to vibrant shades.

Aside from their head-turning look, they are made of unique natural fibres that allow your leather sofa to retain its shape for a long time. You and your family will be enjoying this sofa for years without having to worry about triggering allergic reactions because it does not harbour dust mites or pet fur. All you would need to do is give it TLC with proper maintenance.

Fabric sofa

You will not find any furniture store that does not sell a fabric sofa in Singapore. It is a go-to choice for many homeowners, whether they are on a budget or not. Why? It tends to be much more comfortable than leather. However, the feel and lifespan of a fabric sofa are highly dependent on the quality of the material used to make it.

Natural fabric, such as cotton, linen, wool, and rayon, are non-allergenic if you have family members who have allergies. Go for synthetic fabrics, such as polyester, if you want a more durable and you live with pets because they can resist scratches from claws!

More about fabric sofas are their styles and sizes. The two most popular ones that you will likely see in a sofa sale in Singapore are:

  • Traditional

Simple in shape and modest in scale, a traditional style sofa usually has low arms, three-part cushions, and a softly rolled back. In a living room set, this is the sofa that is in the centre because it is the largest one among the other seats. It gives any living room inviting energy for you and guests to relax and have a conversation!

  • Loveseat

What makes a loveseat different from a traditional fabric sofa is its cushion configuration. If the traditional style has three, a love seat would only have two. Hence, from its name, it is for lovers who live in a small flat. They may put this sofa in their living room, but this slimmed downscale can also be perfect for a bedroom, home office, or the kids’ room setting.

L-shaped sofa

To create the ultimate living room seating arrangement where there is flexibility, comfort, and appeal, an L shape sofa from Singapore online stores can grant all of that for you. It can go well with small living rooms because it offers plenty of seating space.

For a big family, this works as well because there is enough space to spread out and allow everyone to sit together for close conversations. Cuddling your kids would be easy since the cushion width of this sofa can fit one kid and one adult!

Sofa bed

Due to the growing number of small flats, sofa beds are becoming more of a necessity. Why? It is a type of sofa that has a dual function. From the name itself, it is both a sofa and a bed!

While it is not a crowd-pleaser such as an L-shaped or modular sofa for Singapore homeowners, this sofa caters to people who are short in space but want to have guests comfortably sleep in their home at night. Though they may come at a higher price, you will be saving more than buying a bed frame and mattress for your guest room.


Top Tips in Maintaining Your New Sofa

Thinking about this big purchase may seem daunting. You know that there is plenty to consider, including how you will ensure that your new investment will give you maximum return. With a sofa, all you have to do is maintain it properly.

How? Here are some tips that you can follow:


Vacuum it often

When you have a fabric sofa, you should also invest in a good vacuum. Not only would it help keep your designer furniture from Singapore dirt-free, using the vacuum for your sofa will also clear it from dirt and pet dander, the elements that may destroy it.

Avoid sitting on one spot

If your partner has a reserved spot on the couch, tell them they should switch it up and sit in other parts of the couch. Sitting on the same spot may cause cushions to become too soft and sunken, making it easy to collect dirt. Thus, as much as possible, discourage this practice.

Keep away from direct sunlight

With prolonged exposure to heat and sunlight, your imported leather sofa from Singapore may end up fading, develop spots of discolouration, and cracking. Therefore, you should not keep them next to a window. If not, invest in some blinds to shade your sofa from the sun.

Consider sofa covers

Having events at home, you are risking ruining your sofa. Accidents happen, but you can prevent them from happening by preparing your sofa with covers. These will serve as protection from debris, dirt, and even harmful sun rays!

Do not sit on the armrest

Kids are often the ones who like sitting and playing on the armrest of your sofa. The result? A wobbly armrest. Ensure that the sofa is only being used for what it is intended to be: sitting and relaxing.

Buy only from a trusted store

From the beginning, you should only invest in the quality of a fabric sofa from Singapore trusted brands. If so, you would not have to worry about replacing them every year because they are built to last a long time!


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