Why Does Animation Matter A Lot In TV Commercials & Online Ads?


    The movie producers and directors have wowed and graced us with their creativity and imagination for decades. The viewing public is craving that the movies they watch should take them to new levels of excitement – the unimaginable and animation have played a crucial role in this recognition. Top production houses in Singapore are widely inspired by the animation methods used from the latest production trends. Apart from borrowing several techniques from the Western, the accessibility and enhanced application tools have allowed it to play a role in bringing immersive animations and computer-generated images (CGIs).

    Brief Look to the Advancement of Animation

    In the early days, animation was sketchy at best, long before any TVC production house in Singapore and western companies could use software that aided animation. What most audiences could have hoped for back then was less than realistic images of cheesy giant monsters that tried to terrorise cities. However, it was such a spectacle to witness during those days. Up to that point, at least in the late 60s, it followed with practical effects using props and camera tricks. The biggest innovation and revolution in animation arrived when the computer came into being. Since the inception of modern computers, as we know them today, have allowed us to hone and improve animation drastically by a mile.

    A New Level of Animation Today

    Today’s software and creative trends in visual arts have allowed the creation of stunning visuals and motion graphics with such ease at the hands of professionals.  Even a simple animation company in Singapore can mimic Hollywood/Western-like visuals and animations with the right tools and concepts.

    It further improved narration and brought such immersion to the viewers. The computer age helped blur the line between fantasy and reality. Using the newest technology has allowed filmmakers and even commercials to bring to the screen that which was deemed impossible in the early production days.


    Animation in TVC – How Effective Are the Use of Animations?

    Animation is more than just a display of technical and production prowess. It’s normal to see it’s a common expectation among viewers to witness stunning animations and visuals in films. But have a lesser expectation when it comes to ads or commercials. Many TVC studios or top production houses in Singapore agree that animations serve a higher purpose in commercials.

    Since the early decades of TVC around the 1940s, western viewers are delighted and growing fond of seeing animated ads. Today, it’s almost impossible to see an advertisement on the Internet or TV without the slight use of animation and visual graphics. Here are some interesting reasons why animations remain a relative tool for bringing an effective promotion or commercials.

    Brand awareness and recognition

    The role of animation can be largely seen in creating better brand awareness and recognition. How? Animations can look like a mascot of a brand, a brand logo, a brand’s product, or anything that can help advance the brand’s image. Animations can easily capture the essence of every brand and allow it to express the way you can imagine or intend for your audience to understand your product or services.

    Animations can be tailored in the hands of a professional TVC production house in Singapore to design the most suitable animation for a brand. The one that will stick to the audience’s mind longer to help increase brand awareness and promote recognition. That’s how powerful animation can be when it comes to creating brand awareness and bolter more recognition.


    It makes things much easier to understand

    Humans are visual creatures and learners. A huge percent of people in the world prefer to use visuals or consider themselves as ‘visual learners. In fact, to support the idea, according to Atlas Asia, roughly about 65% of the general population are visual learners. It means people need to see or visualise the information to grasp and retain an idea.

    When it comes to TV commercials and ads, animation helps convey ideas and deliver messages and complex notions in a simpler manner. It can be done through touching or even humorous short stories that people can digest easily. Most top production houses in Singapore know how to use animation to help brands communicate with their target audience. It supports the idea that animation can be an effective tool for communication, which is why it is effective in marketing campaign agendas.

    It creates an entertainment factor.

    In the hands of an experienced animation company in Singapore, they can mould simpler animations into stunning creative pieces for viewers. What is so good about animations apart from the marketing agenda is their ability to entertain and grab our attention. It opens the many possibilities for creation, and it doesn’t need to be realistic, nor should it be accurate. It can be imaginative, which opens for a more creative and unique way of presenting your ideas. It even helps create a brand personality, and there’s almost no limit to being creative with it!


    It’s cost-effective

    It’s easy to assume that you need millions of dollars to produce an excellent animation. Contrary to this belief, an animated commercial is way cheaper and affordable than ‘live’ advertisements. If you do your research homework, you’ll notice that a typical production house or animation company in Singapore doesn’t provide pricing info to their website. Why? Because animation is tailor-made and budgeting an animated commercial can be complicated. You can expect more affordable options if you can deal directly from the animation or production house instead of going through a third-party ad agency.


    Animation has a significant role that can help businesses apart from entertaining the audience. It can be used as a powerful tool to convey your message no matter how complicated or ambitious the idea is!

    If you’re looking for a trusted and experienced TVC production house or animation company in Singapore, you can visit Zeetrope for more info on our services and project workflow!