Why is your cryptocurrency not anonymous?


The anonymity of private life and savings is something without personal freedom that is impossible. Most cryptocurrencies create the illusion of anonymity, but upon the first encounter with the real world, this illusion collapses.

For example, one of the possible reasons to anonymize funds may be protection from scammers. If an attacker manages to find a wallet and associate it with the identity of the owner, then a significant amount in the account can serve as a motivation for targeted attacks. In this case, it is worthwhile to link your data with a cryptocurrency wallet or coin once, and all transactions can be easily tracked.

Thus, in order to protect the information about transactions special services were designed. They are called bitcoin mixers or blenders.

More about BitMix service operating principles

A good example of such a program is BitMixer https://bitmix.biz/en. It is an anonymizing platform that breaks the chains of transactions and gives clean coins from exchanges to the user. The service has been operating since 2017.

Main functions include:

  • fully automated cleaning process;
  • there is a mixing quality indicator;
  • up to 24 withdrawal addresses with random and approximately equal distribution of coins for each address;
  • the ability to set a commission from 0.4% to 4%;
  • the ability to set a cleaning delay;
  • a special unique symbolic code to prevent you from receiving your bitcoins in the future;
  • a letter of guarantee, the presence of which guarantees the fact of using service even after deleting all the logs – is used to resolve issues in the support.

BitMix is not connected to analytics systems, does not keep records of users, and does not collect cookies. There is also an affiliate program. It means that the user can receive 50% of the service profit for involving other users.