Why is Wardrobe Important in Storing Clothes


Clothes may be defined as something that transcends cultures, time, and geographies. While in most cultures, clothing was introduced as a tool for protecting the human body against extreme weather conditions. May it be strong winds, intense heat, cold, and precipitation, your clothes will serve as coverings to protect your body. Hence, it is not a surprise that people soon discovered and further developed clothing materials to give wearers the protection they need. You have to consider the clothing traits that will help you find the best type of clothing for the varieties of weather that one may experience. With this sun-protecting or warming clothes, for instance, you would have to ensure that these are preserved to maintain their quality with a reliable and well-made wardrobe in Singapore!

Today, many materials are used to make clothing. From silk to man-made fibres, one can enjoy wearing clothes as more of its primary idea to protect but to give you the comfort you need to do your daily tasks.

In this article, you will find out plenty about clothing care. It applies in fashion style dresses, basic everyday clothing, and formal suits! While some of you may think that you already know enough about owning clothes, you will learn that investing in high-quality storage will do wonders for your beloved attires. This article will tell you about how to take care of your clothing, why wardrobe storage is important, what type of wardrobe should you buy, and some general organising tips to help you maximise your wardrobe.

Taking Care of Your Clothing

People are often drawn into loving something because it is new, or simply called the practice of novophilia. The world of fashion has always been associated with this. To be specific, it is told to be a landscape that promotes its values. While it may sound negative to hear right now, it is not too late for you to change! If you can learn how to stay loyal to your favourite furniture shop in Singapore, you might as well learn how to stay loyal to the clothes you already have in your wardrobe. It is how you can combat the novophilia traits: you can start by focusing your attention and care on the clothes you have at the present. 

So, how do you take care of your clothing?

Wash them every after use

Proper care of your clothes is essential for healthy living. As you may already know, dirty clothes harbour microorganisms that may lead to skin infections. Those microorganisms can come from the environment, but it is usually the ones that your body produces. Everyone has bacteria living inside and outside of the body from sweat and oil that it naturally excretes daily. Your clothes capture these bacteria as soon as it comes into contact with it! As a result, you are at risk of diseases, respiratory infections, scabies, and other skin infections. Against all of these risks, you can easily combat with washing! If possible, you might want to air-dry your clothes to take advantage of the sunny weather of Singapore.

Make repairs and alterations

While the easiest way to solve holes in your clothes is to throw them away, you have to know that you are succumbing to a wasteful lifestyle. In the current state of the world, it is what you should be avoiding. Most of the time, damaged clothing can be resolved with one visit to a seamstress can make these problems almost non-existent! Trust that they are skilful enough to give your clothes a brand new look, and no one would even notice that it was torn or damaged in the first place. Practice this mentality and you would surely be on your way to sustainability!

Store them properly

Last but not least, storage is crucial in adding life to your clothes. Storing them in a quality wardrobe where it is clean, dry, and cool, can make an impact on the longevity of your favourite clothes! You might want to match the size of your wardrobe to the quantity of your clothing. Giving them some ‘breathing space’ would prevent wrinkling and fading that you would not want in your clothes! Hence, proper storage is key.

Why is Wardrobe Storage Important?

If you want to enhance the overall look of your bedroom, the wardrobe is something where you should start. It plays an important role in keeping your things well-organised and out of sight! With their impactful features, it would not be a surprise that people are spending money on it to have a presentable one in their room. If you are curious about what makes people crazy about wardrobe storage, you should read some reasons below:

1. Keep things organised

The first thing that a sliding door wardrobe in Singapore contributes is that it will help you keep your things organised. For instance, finding socks would not be as time-consuming as it used to be because a wardrobe can help you gather all of them in one place! What is good about sliding doors is that customers can select one design that best suits the size of their room, theme, and other factors that may affect the placement and kind of wardrobe. Nonetheless, it is undebatable that wardrobes will help you have organised clothes.

2. Make your room look bigger

Sometimes, it would take one little item to make all the difference in a room. That one item may be your next wardrobe. There are sliding mirrors that come with a wardrobe which would be effective in making your room look and feel bigger. It is all because of the well-placed mirror, and interior designers would agree! They know that you can accomplish making your space look large by strategically placing your mirror regardless of the place! 

3. Serve as your element of style

If you are the type who appreciates aesthetics, you can always use wardrobes to add elegance to your rooms! Since they come in different sizes, styles, and structure, they can easily blend in with different home themes. The practicality and design of these wardrobes are something that every homeowner wants!

What Type of Wardrobe Should You Buy?

Storage capacity may be at the top of your head when you think about buying a new wardrobe or closet. It is, indeed, a crucial factor that you should consider during your decision-making process! However, there are still plenty of factors that you should consider when choosing a type of wardrobe storage for your clothes and other belongings. Let us help you choose the right type for you!


If you dedicated an area in your bedroom to be your wardrobe space, you can have the area constructed as a walk-in closet. It will help in storing several clothes that you have and intend to keep. With a significant amount of space, you can also add a vanity area where you can get ready for the day. 


This is the type of wardrobe that is very common. Typically, you would find them in the corners of the bedroom because it does not take too much space. What makes this different from the walk-in is that it has a shallow depth of space which allows you to ‘reach’ for things that you need with ease. They may come in vertical cabinets with plenty of drawers, compartments, and racks inside. It may still store plenty of clothing, but what it really offers is more space for you!

Sliding door wardrobes

If space is essentially a big factor that you must save, then sliding-door wardrobes would be a match for you! These functional compartments are installed with over hinged doors that does not take too much space unlike the door that a walk-in closet covers. The amount of storage space may be the same as a reach-in but you can always use baskets or bins for extra storage that you can enjoy!


Often called an armoire cabinet, this is a type of wardrobe that has two tall doors that swing out to open the armoire. What is like most about them is they can come with other storage options like drawers and small cabinets in one! These are recommended by people who do not have a closet but need more storage aside from the clothes they have. Some may be made with doors but some are open for easy access to reach your stuff.

Tips for Organising Your Wardrobe

Whether you got a new wardrobe in a shop for online furniture in Singapore or you are still going to use your old one until you have the budget to buy a new one, there is no better time to start organising than now. With these tips, you can expect your place to be looking tidy and clean!

  • Declutter what is inside

Remember that your closet space is limited, so you would not want to have an overflowing wardrobe that can blow up any minute. What is hard about not having to utilise your wardrobe effectively yet. So, you must have personal time to check whether you want to keep a shirt or old pants, among other things. 

  • Clean it

There are plenty of wardrobes that are made from different materials. It can be a bit tricky when wardrobe owners, like you, switched from a wooden wardrobe to a plastic one, or vice versa. Whichever situation you are in, take note of these cleaning methods for your wardrobe:

  1. Wood – dust the surfaces regularly; use wood-friendly cleaning agents
  2. Plastic – combine one tablespoon of liquid detergent with a gallon of warm water when cleaning its interior and exterior
  • Store them by category

Already obvious as it sounds, storing or classifying clothes can help them stay organised inside of your wardrobe. Keep small items, such as jewellery, with you at all times or invest in small, sturdy boxes to protect them from moisture!

  • Stack thick items

Save yourself a precious drawer and hanging space for essential clothing by stacking winter sweaters and stiff denim jeans in piles. Items like these are perfect for stacking on your shelf because they are sturdy and thick, so they won’t slump, crinkle, or lose their shape even when stored for a long time. Also, it makes it much easier to find and reach what you’re looking for!

  • Roll them up

When storing cotton shirts, leggings, and polyester shorts, which tend to be thin and pliable, you can do the roll and tuck technique with them! This technique is a major space-saver if you do it right. Rather than folding and stacking them with other of your softer, thinner clothes, you can simply fold them in half and roll them into neat little tubes. Shoe boxes are a great storage place where you can tuck your rolled clothing, or use wire baskets or clear bins which are perfect for shelves.

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