Things to Consider to Be an Expert Beach Party Planner


    Are you again given the dreaded task to plan for your next beach bar party in Singapore? Well, props to you as they trust your event planning and decision-making skills for your upcoming gathering. But if it will be your first hosting stint, then that would be a problem for you to work on before sending out invitations to your guests.

    But how can you ensure that everyone will have a good time on your first-ever beach bar party hosting? You may start by researching the different qualities you must have to be capable of mounting the event. You may never know; your social skills are enough to have a successful one.

    Check if you meet the requirements of being an events planner and see if you can handle the responsibilities that await you. There might also be some guides you can read to become the best host within a week. Find one online that teaches you to become a beach bar party expert overnight, and you’re good to go!

    All kidding aside, you only need several things to ensure your next beach party in Singapore will be a memorable one. Skip those thorough experience checks and 3-day event planning tips as you can be a great host at your own pace. Again, you only need to consider a few things to have a blast by the coastline.

    Must-Avoid on Your Beach Party

    Start with the red flags you need to watch out for as you plan for your upcoming seaside party. You may be familiar with some of them, but it would be great to have a refresher to remind yourself again of the things you must avoid in aSentosa beach bar celebration. Here are some of them that you should always take note of:

    Disregarding Warnings

    Outdoor gatherings are challenging events to plan due to several external factors you need to consider. These include the climate, natural disasters, toxic hazards, and other environmental elements beyond your control. Never blame your Singapore beach bar venue also since they are not fortune tellers in the first place.

    Only experts can give you accurate details about these untoward events and disregarding them will only make the matter worse. That’s why doing your research or tuning into the news will secure you and your guests from the hassle of braving the storm to attend your beach bar party. Besides, who would dare to dance along with high waves on the ocean?

    Lost Attendees

    Another common problem of hosting an event is your lost attendees who can’t find their way to your venue. They may have valid reasons to miss several roads and turns if it will be a new venue for your beach bar party. But never hold them responsible since you must guide them to your gathering safe and sound as the event host.

    Best if you can provide them with a detailed map that they can follow to go to your beach bar venue effortlessly. Try giving them several options – via commute or drive – for their added comfort. Never forget about the roadblocks they would encounter and show alternate routes for them to be on-time for our party.

    Surprised Guests

    On the contrary, you may also have surprised guests who are clueless that such a party will happen. You may either forgot to send them invites or left them out of the list purposely due to several reasons. Nonetheless, be ready with some logical reasons why they receive nothing about your beach bar event.

    There might also be instances that you get to invite them and still catch off guard that the party will happen at an alfresco beach bar in Singapore. Well, that’s a case of another misinformed guest due to your poor event planning. Never be surprised if you see them sporting a coat and tie attire under the heat of the sun due to your simple invite slips. 

    Gate Crashers

    But apart from your lost and clueless guests, you should also be wary of those unexpected ones – the gate crashers. You shouldn’t be surprised that new faces show up at your event since they’re already a common sight in most parties today. Make it harder for you to distinguish who your friends are if you’ll host it in a public beach bar venue.

    Try requiring them to wear specific attire or accessories for their easy identification. You may even request them to keep a copy of your invitation that they need to present before they can enjoy a drink at the alfresco bar. Again, ensure that you state them clearly on the invitation for their proper guidance.

    Supplies Shortage

    It is also common among poorly planned parties that they run out of supplies in the middle of all the fun. These may be your food, drinks, and even your take-homes that may be the sole reason why they will attend your beach bar party in the first place. Besides, you might not want to face the worst fear of most event planners – a dissatisfied and hungry crowd.

    Other than your consumables, there are also possibilities that you lose your power supply while everyone’s dancing the night away. It is inevitable in social gatherings like yours, especially if you host it outdoors and on a Singapore beach. But then again, you can avoid such unfortunate events if you come prepared for them.

    Must-Haves of Your SG Beach Party

    Now that you have pointed out the things you need to avoid for a flawless Sentoso or Siloso beach bar event, you can now focus on the must-haves of your party. These include the usual essentials that you see at most gatherings you’ve attended to. But then again, do a simple refresher on what you need to prepare to wow your expected guests.

    Detailed Timeline

    First and foremost, always start with the fundamentals of event planning. Begin with a draft of the supposed-to-be timeline for your beach bar party. It will help if you consult some of your guests about it to learn more about their preferred schedule and availability on the date you’re eyeing for.

    It should also include your proposed on-the-day program if you’ll have one. Keep it short and simple for your guests to still enjoy the rest of the night socializing with the rest of the crowd. But then again, try to consult some of them about its flow to ensure that they won’t get bored with your Singapore beach program.

    Pro Planning Tip! Create both your timeline and program weeks before your beach bar party. If you can draft them months before, then that would ease your burden more. Never settle with overnight plans if you don’t want your guests to walk out minutes after arriving at your venue.

    Open Venue

    Speaking of your venue, you should also prioritize it as you plan for your upcoming beach bar party. Check first their availability to host your gathering on your desired date and time. It would be great if they can recommend a perfect schedule considering your event requirements, preferences, and your safety while you’re by the shore.

    They should also be able to accommodate your expected number of party attendees. It would be great to have an alfresco area aside from their beach bar where your other guests can stay. Some have other event areas available, so you better check on them as well.

    Pro Planning Tip! Try scheduling an on-site inspection with their available beach bar venues to see if they can fit in all your partygoers. Always ensure that it won’t be too crowded for them to move around and meet with your other guests. It is also for their safety in case of emergencies during your gathering.

    Delectable Menu

    It is also essential that you give utmost importance to their available food options and ensure that they’ll be something your guests will delight on. These include local cuisines, speciality dishes, and seasonal picks that will excite them more. Offer them finger foods and easy-to-consume meals perfect for a Singapore beach party.

    Ideally, you must check their menu first before booking them for your gathering. Some beachbar venues in Sentoso and Siloso may vary with their food offers, so find time to view them individually. You may never know; one of them can satisfy your fresh seafood cravings at an affordable party package.

    Pro Planning Tip! Best if you can include your menu in your invitations for your guests’ reference. You can also confirm if they’re good with your options or if they have other preferences from yourbeach bar venue. It is also advisable that you note their food allergies and prevent ordering those that could put them at risk while at the party.

    Refreshing Drinks

    Apart from your easy bites, think also of the best refreshments to serve your party attendees. They should be again venue-appropriate that will quench their thirst in an instant. Check their beach bar beverage list and see if they have drinks that will rehydrate and perk up your guests after long hours under the sun.

    These include alcoholic and non-alcoholic refreshments that your guests can enjoy while on the beach or at the bar. You can offer them all the available beverages if you have some extra funds to spare. But if you want to keep it within the budget, you can limit them to several options they can order for free.

    Pro Planning Tip! If you want to save more, you can order in bulk. Some beach bars in Singapore offer affordable party packages with combinations of several drink options. Check if you can have them in jugs or bottles instead of individual glass servings to get more savings. They may even allow you to take home what’s left on your supply.

    Beachside Fun

    It is also advisable that you throw in some exciting beachside activities on your program. Choose those that will entice your guests to participate and have fun with other attendees at the party. Maximize the alfresco and beach areas if you’ll require them to be in groups to complete their tasks.

    Again, always ensure that they’re appropriate for the venue before including them in your party program. Try searching for activities you can enjoy inside and outside the beach bar to have several options. Pick those that won’t require much from your guests once they join. Besides, they’re there to have fun and not get tired of swimming around for the rewards.

    Pro Planning Tip! Share your plans with your beach bar venue as they might have readily available beachside activities for your party goers to enjoy. These may either come at minimal costs together with their party packages or for free! So, better speak with them about what will happen in your program to also get their recommendations.

    Back-up Plan

    Worse comes to worst, prepare a back-up plan when everything doesn’t go your way. It may be due to several factors that you didn’t foresee to happen as you organize your upcoming Singapore beach party. You may never know when these will happen, so it would be great to have a plan B ready.

    These may include unforeseen circumstances concerning your venue, guests, and even the entire region due to an upcoming natural calamity. You may also be behind your timeline and running out of time to prepare for the abovementioned beach bar party essentials. No matter what your reasons are, a back-up plan will always be handy.

    Pro Planning Tip! Do more research to improve your initial beach bar party plan and consider other elements to make it better. You may also postpone and reschedule your event as you draft your new timeline and must-haves. Better yet, seek some extra help when you no longer can handle the pressure as your event host.

    When to Get Some Help?

    As mentioned, you might need some help planning for your upcoming party if you already lack the enthusiasm to proceed with your plans. It might also be due to the hectic schedule you have at work that can’t afford you to miss a day to check on their beach bar venue. You may speak with them virtually, but these may not be enough to gauge if they’re the right place for you to host your gathering.

    It may also be challenging to work with limited resources when you’re expecting more guests. You may either miscalculate your possible expenses or misjudged your peers to miss your Singapore beach party. Besides, you can’t blame them if your plans were exciting in the first place.

    Nonetheless, seek assistance from Sentoso or Siloso beach bars that cater to seaside gatherings like Bikini Bar if you want a hassle-free event planning experience. They already have readily available party packages you can avail of, and no longer worry about your upcoming beachfront party with them. Check their website now to learn more about their offers today!