Are you thinking about moving to Singapore and becoming a permanent resident?



There’s a good reason behind this.COVID-19 has made the process of applying for Singapore Permanent Residency (Singapore PR) easier than ever before. The re-entry privileges of Employment Pass holders have been severely restricted, however if you become a Singapore Permanent Resident, you would be able to enjoy the same rights as Singapore Citizens. Obtaining a new, more desirable job would be a lot easier if you didn’t need a work visa any more. As a company owner, you will be able to handle a large number of companies without restriction.


Let’s begin with our five tips for a Singapore PR application

The first piece of advice

Make sure you have all of the papers you need before you arrive at the airport. Do you still have your university transcripts from a few years ago? If you don’t, you’ll have a difficult time obtaining the necessary paperwork for your PR application. The documents required to depend on your eligibility as a Singapore Permanent Resident.

The Second Tip

Include your whole family in the application for a work visa. You may apply for permanent residency on your alone, but you’ll have a better chance of success if you involve everyone in your family in the process. This shows that you have a long-term plan for Singapore. If you include your male offspring in your Singapore PR application and it is accepted, they would be obligated to serve in mandatory national duty at the age of 18. Eliminating male offspring to avoid mandatory national service may reduce your chances of obtaining permanent resident status in Singapore. To apply pr it works fine.

The third and last tip

In the cover letter, the ICA is looking for Singapore PR candidates who are able to assimilate into Singapore’s community over time. Make a strong case in your cover letter for why you should be considered for the position. By volunteering or participating in community events, you may show that you are a person who cares about making a positive impact. Contributions from your firm, on the other hand, may be a factor.

For example, have you employed a large number of Singaporeans? Is your company’s training and coaching program active? Are you running a business that serves the public good? Improve your chances of landing a job in public relations by include a well-written cover letter with your application.

Tip number four

Don’t give up! PR, as previously said, is a difficult endeavour. Even if your first application is rejected, don’t give up hope. We were able to help several people who had been refused permanent residence in the past get the green light. Please reapply and show that you are sincere in your desire to live and work in Singapore. If your first application for permanent resident status is refused, you should wait before submitting another one.

This is the fifth point

Your public relations application may benefit from the help of an expert. Individuals may apply for a visa on their own by carefully following the steps specified by the ICA online. There are several reasons why the process of applying for permanent residence (PR) may continue to be put back, such as a demanding career, family obligations and health issues that need more time.