5 Ways to Pick Accessories by Staying True to Yourself


Personal accessories are ways to showcase your personality and preference. With the sea of various personas, it’s tempting to have the feeling of standing out and seeking validation. Hence, most people will follow trends to feel normal and accepted. However, the thing with accessories is to make you feel comfortable, even if people give negative opinions.

If you’re not compromising someone or yourself, why not be comfortable with your real personality. Do you want reading glasses in Singapore because it makes you feel confident? Then go for it!  Your friends may say reading glasses make you look nerdy, but the essential thing is how you feel wearing them. Ask yourself, does it make me feel happy? If yes, continue wearing them.

Hence, this article will help you pick your accessories like computer glasses or minimalist wallets in Singapore by staying true to yourself.

Why Staying True to Yourself is Important

It is tempting to stay away from your true self in a society where you may feel rejected. If you do so, you expect people to welcome and embrace you. But, in the end, you may still feel lonely because it feels like you’re not honest with yourself.

You even stop wearing accessories like computer glasses in Singapore that make you feel comfortable. Hence, let this section show you why staying true to yourself is essential for your personal growth and happiness.


Pleasing Everyone is not Possible

If you’re a people-pleaser, you’ll only end up disappointed because it’s impossible to please everyone. Yes, there might be attractive people according to social standards, but still, they can’t please everyone. Just like you, if your goal is to please people, you’ll only be more frustrated.

So, it is better to be true to yourself than following trends only to seek validation. Have you wanted to buy a transparent speaker but your parents told you it’s not stylish? Well, ignore them, buy them anyways!

You Don’t Have Control Over People’s Opinion

You will never have control of the reaction of other people. Have you ever experienced random people laughing at you? It doesn’t mean you should stop being you. Be unapologetic and continue embracing yourself. Let people laugh, praise or even admire you. But, remember to stick to your core values before reacting to people’s opinions.

For instance, you want those reading glasses for a long time, but your friends tell you that you look effeminate. That’s their opinion, and it will never be your truth. So, go to the nearest concept store and buy them to make yourself feel happy.

You’ll Gain Confidence

Although staying true to yourself is hard at the beginning, you’ll end up feeling more confident. Since you started to learn how to ignore unnecessary opinions, you can find an inner peace that your true self will be there no matter what. After all, living a life for other people will never be worth the time! So, gain self-confidence by starting to express yourself with personal accessories like reading glasses,computer glasses, or a minimalist wallet in Singapore.

The next step is to know how to select your accessories or things. This way, you’ll feel more in touch with yourself. You can also start with usable items like a transparent speaker or wireless speakers in Singapore. If you follow these tips., it will help you embrace your core.


 How to Pick Your Accessories

Picking accessories is a fun process because there are many different choices in the market. You can go out with your friends and try as many accessories as you want! Plus, accessories can go from bracelets, necklaces, and even glasses. Yes, glasses like reading glasses and computer glasses are also for fashion statements.

So, to pick the right accessories for you, here are some tips you should follow.


1)  Consider the Event

When picking accessories, you should consider the event. Will you go to a birthday party or a wedding? There are appropriate accessories for those events. If not, look for ornaments that will make you comfortable on a day-to-day basis. If, for instance, reading glasses make you feel comfortable going outside, then go for it.

After all, picking accessories is all about making yourself feel beautiful. Considering the event is only to make the process faster. But still, your choice should reflect your preference.

2)  Pick Your Favourite Colour

The colour can also make you comfortable with the accessories you will wear. So, choose your favourite colour when picking your reading glasses, computer glasses, or a minimalist wallet in Singapore. If you feel comfortable with the colour red, then buy more red accessories. Keep in mind that men and women are free to choose the colour they want. There are no masculine or feminine colours for a person.

If you keep wearing your favourite colour, you’ll make a statement and inspire other people to be true to themselves.

3)  Know Your Size and Facial Structure

It is also advisable to know your size and facial structure when picking accessories. For instance, considering your facial structure is helpful when looking for reading glasses or computer glasses. This way, you can expect that it will fit your facial features too!

On the other hand, consider your size when looking for other accessories like bracelets and necklaces. In doing so, it can fit your body and feel more confident! It is also a strategy to make a balanced look.

4)  Consider Your Personality

As mentioned above, it is essential to stay true to yourself when picking accessories. This way, it will reflect your personality. It may be hard to stick to yourself, but you can start buying the things and accessories that reflect your personality. For instance, you can buy a transparent speaker that can show an open personality.

To do this, avoid listening to other people when buying your accessories because it will only frustrate you in the end.

5)  Consider the Store

Lastly, consider the store where you will buy the wireless speakers, a minimalist wallet, or computer glasses. Make sure to find a reliable store to find quality products. If you do so, you can expect to use them for a long time.

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