In-House Janitorial Services or Professional Cleaning Services: Which One Should You Choose?


With the current situation, today where we need to be extra careful about our surroundings, keeping the places where many people gather, like workspaces, clean is essential. The cleanliness and disinfection of offices have never been more vital amidst the global pandemic.

Although the world is slowly going back to normal, it is inevitable for many to still worry about the safety of the environment. In many offices, disinfection is still the number one priority of employees. Transmission of the virus is highly likely in this kind of space.

To alleviate the worries and reduce the risk of the virus, companies aim to maintain a clean and safe workspace by hiring either in-house janitorial services mishawaka in or professional office cleaning services in Singapore.

In-House Janitorial Services and Professional Office Services in Singapore: Which is Better?


What is An In-House Cleaning Team?

Usually, commercial buildings where companies rent workspaces provide their in-house janitorial services. These cleaning teams are permanently assigned to clean every corner of the building, from the lobby to the elevators.

In other circumstances, companies hire a permanent janitorial team to maintain the cleanliness of the workspace. This cleaning team knows the ins and outs of the office. They basically become a member of the company.

What is An Outsourced Office Cleaning Service?

Technically, there are companies that offer office cleaning services in Singapore. These cleaning services are not limited to workspaces only; they can also work on commercial establishments and residential areas.

Instead of employing a permanent team, some companies hire professional cleaning services in Singaporefor regular office cleaning and maintenance.

Like any other service, the in-house janitorial team and outsourced office cleaning services in Singapore have their fair share of advantages and disadvantages. There are many factors to consider when weighing these pros and cons.

In-House and Outsourced Cleaning Services: Advantages and Disadvantages


In-House Cleaning Service


Many companies opt for the permanent in-house janitorial team for daily office cleaning services rather than outsourced cleaning teams because of security issues.

Firstly, like any other employee, companies can interview their permanent cleaning team. The interview alone can help them sort trustworthy employees that can do the cleaning.

Lastly, it is easier to be familiar with resident janitors. Resident janitors are not outsiders of the company. Managers and the admin are more comfortable with the fact that they personally know who has access to the workspaces and rooms to handle the cleaning.

Outsourcedoffice carpet cleaning services in Singapore may send different staff every cleaning schedule; companies may feel uncomfortable with this setup since offices hold valuable equipment and keep sensitive documents and records.


Offices in Singapore operate on different schedules. Some work with the ordinary nine to six schedule, while others have a graveyard shift. Not all professional cleaning services in Singaporeoffer service 24/7. It can be a problem for workspaces with an unpredictable schedule.

On the other hand, it is easier for the company to negotiate a schedule with the in-house cleaning service. They can clean the workspace hours before the employees’ shift starts or late beyond the office hours. The admin can also request to do the cleaning throughout the day or just every weekend, depending on the demand.

To sum it up, the company or the managers have more control over the schedule of the in-house cleaning team than outsourced office cleaning services in Singapore.


One of the advantages of employing resident janitors is they can be trained and informed about the safety issues involving the office equipment and facilities.

After training and education, resident janitors familiarise themselves with the ins and outs of the office. What equipment should and should not be touched, or what areas and nooks need frequent cleaning. They can address the special needs and damages of the facilities.

It is easier for managers to direct which areas or rooms need urgent attention and cleaning since resident janitors are familiar with the place.

On the other hand, outsourced office carpet cleaning services in Singapore may need the manager’s briefing before executing the job.


One obvious disadvantage of employing resident cleaning teams for daily office cleaning services is the supply cost. The company has to provide the monthly cleaning supply for the workspace. It includes unique cleaning agents for different purposes, brushes, safety gear such as gloves, face masks and eye goggles. In addition to the supply is the equipment such as vacuum cleaners, carpet cleaners, and sprayers.

The supply cost alone catapults exponentially, especially if the workspace is quite large.

The company has to provide extra room for the safe storage of expensive equipment and harmful cleaning chemicals.

On the other hand, professional office cleaning services in Singapore take care of their own supplies and equipment.


Like other employees, resident janitors are eligible for a competitive salary, compensation and benefits like health insurance. It can be complicated for companies with a tight budget.

Labour costs can increase if the company has a larger workspace, more utilities to take care of, and a larger employee population. A single janitor cannot maintain the entire office alone. It requires at least a team to clean the utilities, such as the pantry and toilets, throughout the day. It only means that the company needs to allot a chunk of money for the labour cost of daily office cleaning services,excluding the monthly or weekly supply cost.

On the other hand, the price for professional office cleaning services in Singaporevaries, depending on the provider and other factors to consider.