Can You Still Receive Compensation If Your Car Accident Involves Several Parties?


If a car accident involves more than two vehicles, the claims against the at-fault parties can become more complicated. It will take a lot of arguments before fault can be assigned in this type of case. Should victims file several claims? In this kind of accident, victims can benefit from the knowledge and experience of Orange County personal injury lawyers. If you are one of them, you can request a free consultation with an attorney to know your legal options. 

Understanding the Comparative Negligence System in California

With this system, the court will assign a percentage of fault to every party that is found liable for a car crash. The party should offer monetary compensation to victims based on their percentage of fault. For instance, if a party is 30% at fault for the accident, they should pay 30% of damages the victim has sustained. 

Moreover, the system indicates what to expect when the victim is also to blame for the crash. Thus, the victim’s compensation will depend on their percentage of fault. For instance, if you file $100, 000 in damages and are found to be 30% at fault, you would only get $70, 000 as compensation. In California, you can still hold a higher percentage of fault than others and still recover compensation. 

Assigning Liability in a Rear-End Crash

Usually, a rear-end accident happens because of the negligence of many  parties. And aside from the rear vehicle driver, other involved drivers can also be responsible if they were tailgating or did not focus and could have stopped before colliding into the car in front. 

Factors that Must be Taken into Account

Your car accident lawyer and the insurance providers may think about different factors to determine fault for an accident that involves several vehicles. These factors include possible violation of traffic laws, receipts of tickets for certain actions, vehicle locations, the extent of the damage of every vehicle, road conditions, and others. Also, the vehicle data recorder information may also be considered along with witness statements to ensure all parties that caused the accident will be held liable for the victim’s losses. 

 If you were involved in a multiple-car accident, seeking compensation for your injuries and damages can be complicated. Thankfully, an experienced injury attorney will ensure you get the compensation you are entitled to even if you have been found to contribute to the crash.