Is It Okay for People With Diabetes to Eat Sweets?


Do a quick poll among your peers and know how many of them say they believe that people with diabetes are not allowed to eat sweets. We guarantee you that you will get many affirmative answers since sweets mean there are sugars. They thought that eating sweets would increase blood sugar levels, but this idea is only a myth.

Sugar is not the only culprit why blood sugar level rises. You should know that other elements could also cause blood sugar to spike. That is why if you are wondering if it is okay for a diabetic person to eat cake in Singapore, the answer is yes, they can, but only once in a while.

Remember, too much of anything is bad. Therefore, if you are planning to eat sweets but you have diabetes, try to control yourself. Make sure you eat sweets in moderation. Doing so should help you maintain your blood sugar level and not make your diabetes any worse.

In other words, it is no longer off-limits for diabetic people to stop by at a cake shop in Singapore and treat themselves to some sweets. According to American Diabetes Association, as long as diabetic people combine their sweet tooth with a healthy diet and exercise, there will be no problem. All they need to do is not overdo things, and everything will be okay.

Here is a study from Harvard Medical School. It says there that consuming too many sweets could cause anyone health problems. Besides making diabetes worse, it is possible to develop heart disease, and worst of all, cancer.

Though to make sure nothing would go wrong, read the rest of the article. Listed below are the things diabetic people can do so their blood sugar level would not increase and be at bay.

How Do People With Diabetes Satisfy Their Sweet Tooth?


Sweet cravings are extremely common, not only for women but also for men. According to the Journal of Nutrition titled Sugar and Fat: Cravings and Aversions, 97% of women love sweets, and there are 68% of men who also crave eating them.

With those percentages alone, there is no wonder that 422 million people in the world have diabetes. As the World of Health Organisation (WHO) says, most of them belong to low-and-middle-income countries. But eating sweets is not the only reason they have diabetes because some of them have it since they were a baby and others develop them later in life.

Nevertheless, people cannot help but eat sweets even if they have diabetes. Unfortunately, no matter how delicious sweets are, diabetic people cannot precisely satisfy their sweet tooth the way regular people do. That means they cannot go to dessert buffets and only eat sweets for hours.

But fret not since that is not the end of sweet treats. Luckily, there are smart ways that diabetic people can do to satisfy their sweet tooth without harming their health. Here are them below.



To make sure diabetic people could eat cake in Singapore without getting carried away, they should eat in a small serving. The right portion size that the American Diabetes Association recommends is around 45 grams to 60 grams of carbohydrates per meal.

Unfortunately, sweets found in regular bakeries contain 60 grams of carbs alone. That is why you should go to a diabetic cake shop instead. There you would not have to worry about the carbs their sweets contain.


The next time you crave sweets, cut some fruits from your refrigerator. That is a better option than getting store-bought desserts or freshly baked cookies. You should know that fresh produce does only have a sweet flavour. It contains several vitamins and minerals that are healthy for the body.

But before you take a bite off the freshly cut fruits, learn the right portion sizes. The examples below have 15 grams of carbohydrates. Knowing these would help you control your blood sugar when you decide to eat fresh produce.

  • One small orange or apple with 2 1/4 inches in diameter.
  • A half of grapefruit.
  • A cup of melon
  • Three-fourths of pineapple, blueberries or blackberries.
  • Cut one small piece of banana and freeze them after blending it with non-fat yoghurt.


When you are craving sweets, but you already consume the diabetic cake you bought from a bakery in Singapore, eating candy or drinking a soda will do. Just make sure it says they are sugar free. Otherwise, your blood sugar will punch up, and that is not good for your health.

To prevent that from happening, make sure you only consume a small amount. Note that a bite-size only has fewer calories and carbohydrates, and it would not do any harm.


Not all cravings come from physical hunger. Some people crave it because they are bored, while others eat so they can cope with stress.

Unfortunately, these reasons are more common these days, and it all started over a year ago when the pandemic came to exist. That is why you should handle your emotions well, especially if you are someone with diabetes. Otherwise, your boredom and stress would be the cause why your diabetes gets worse.

To not let this kind of craving happen again, drink a lot of water when you feel hungry, even after you just ate. Doing so should be able to control your pseudo hunger.


Do you often crave something sweet after eating dinner? If so, then you might want to stay away from starch so you can keep an eye on your total carbs intake.

You should know that swapping carbohydrates helps you keep your blood sugar level in check. Also, consuming a consistent amount makes it easier for your diabetes medication to work well.  As a result, your blood sugar level would remain steady.

But note that exchanging sweet potato with blueberry cheesecake would lose the vitamins, fibre, and other minerals that sweet potato has. Therefore, take it easy when swapping snacks rich in carbohydrates.


Even though eating artificial sweeteners can satisfy your sweet cravings, you should go easy on them.  You should know that artificial sweeteners contain more sweets than sugar itself. That means relying on them alone would only increase your sweet cravings.

That is why only eat artificial sweeteners when you have nothing else that could satisfy your sweet cravings at home or wherever you are.

If you are someone with diabetes, make sure you keep these ways in mind. Doing so should help you satisfy and control your sweet cravings! As a result, even a diabetic person like you could eat cake in Singapore without any worries.

How Should People With Diabetes Read the Nutrition Facts Label?


To further make sure you could control your blood sugar level, you should know how to read the nutrition facts label. It is the rectangular shape you often find on the back of any item you bought from groceries or online.

Note that knowing how to read the details written on it would help you think of diabetes meal plans. Therefore, look at the listicles below. It will help you compare labels when you shop.


Whatever snacks you are getting at a diabetic cake shop in Singapore or anywhere else, begin with the list of ingredients.


Whole-wheat flour, oats, soy, olive, canola, nuts, seeds are healthy components, which are good for your body. Eating them would help you control your blood sugar level.


Apart from added sugar, stay away from excessive salt and saturated fats.


If you are fond of carbs, knowing how to read food labels would become an essential part of your diet.


As mentioned above, sugar is not the only culprit why your blood sugar level increases. Sometimes, the total carbohydrates are, which contains carbs, sugar, and fibre. Note that if you only focus on the amount of sugar, you would miss a lot on the food labels.


As you know, high-fibre foods can help you manage not only your weight but also your diabetes. Therefore, look for food with three to five grams of fibre per serving.


Even though the products are sugar free, that does not mean they are carbohydrate-free. That is why you should not be complacent just because you see the term sugar free on the packaging.

The same logic applies to no sugar added. This label does not necessarily mean the product contains no carbohydrates. Sometimes, they even have more, even if people expect them to have none.

Therefore, when you want to buy sugar free cake in Singapore, ask the bakery how much carbohydrate their item has. That should help you know if their dessert is good enough for you to eat.

At the end of the day, what you eat is all up to you. But if you want to keep your blood sugar level at bay, always mind the nutrition facts label of your favourite snacks or food.

Are There Diabetic Friendly Sweets I Can Eat?


Yes, there are. That is why it is not the end of sweet treats. Even if you have diabetes, you can satisfy your sweet cravings. But never forget that you would still need to monitor how much sweets you eat.

Without further ado, here are the diabetic friendly sweets you can make a cake in Singapore or other snacks. Doing so should help you manage your cravings for sweet treats.


Surprisingly, chocolates are good for people with diabetes. Since chocolates are made of cacao, it only has a small amount of sugar.

But in case you are not making chocolate out of scratch, buying ready-made dark chocolate will do. It tastes sweet but not so much. Because of this, many bakeries use chocolate when making a sugar free cake in Singapore.


If you are not fond of chocolate, then eating gelatin might be your cup of tea. This dessert is a good snack that could satisfy your sweet cravings even after eating dinner.

Besides that, gelatin is often made of protein obtained from boiling bones, skin, tendons, and ligaments. That is why gelatin desserts are healthy for the body and good for people with diabetes.

Though make sure before making any gelatin desserts at home, choose unsweetened gelatin. Note that this type does not contain any sugar. That means you can control the amount you would add, depending on how sweet you want it to taste.


When you have diabetes, going out for a cup of ice cream may not be as much fun as you think. You should know that it often contains 30 grams of carbohydrates, which is not good for your blood sugar level.

Therefore, instead of getting ordinary frozen desserts, buy or make a frozen yoghurt yourself. This sweet is a much healthier option that can beat the heat and satisfy your sweet cravings.

Again, even if you are eating diabetic-friendly sweets, you should mind how much you eat. Remember, anything too much does not do any good. Therefore, only consume things in small portions.

The Bottom Line.


People with diabetes no longer need to worry about eating sweets. They can enjoy their favourite desserts as long as they consume them in moderation.

Also, even if they only satisfy their sweet tooth from time to time, they should watch out for the portions they are consuming. As mentioned above, too much of anything is bad. Therefore, do yourself a favour and buy a few snacks when you go to any diabetic cake shop in Singapore. Doing so should prevent you from overeating sweets on your cheat days.

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