Essential Guide for First-Time Printing Company Clients



No one can deny that it is challenging to work on any large format printing requirement in Singaporetoday. Apart from meeting numerous print guidelines, you also need to prepare several design materials you must approve before your chosen printers start reproducing them. But what if you’re unaware of such details since it’ll only be your first print orders soon?

Better seek advice from some of your peers knowledgeable of large format and other similar printing requirements for your immediate reference. You can either ask for some tips on how you should work on your initial print orders or hear their recommendations on where you could send your designs. They might also know printers that can produce your desired materials in no time.

It will also help to speak with your colleagues if your print requirements involve your business venture. Share with them your plans as they might have inputs to improve your current designs further. You may never know; they might also have brochure printing suggestions for your Singapore market that can also do good for your company.

Never forget about your online resources that can tell you more about large format or brochure printing services. These include review sites, blog pages, and virtual community forums that share detailed information to help you process your first print orders soon. You may also find customer testimonials that might warn you of the things you need to avoid from your future printers.

Nonetheless, you can always skip the entire process of asking around or doing your research by reading through this simple guide. Learn more about the different things you must know before confirming your initial orders from any large format printing supplier in Singaporetoday. You can start with the best times that you should contact them for your much-needed prints.


Best Times to Contact Your Professional Printers

It may surprise you at first but contacting large format printing suppliers in Singaporealso requires perfect timing on your end. Yes, you read that right! These are the best times you should visit their printers to only make the most out of your orders with them. Here are some of those moments telling you to trust the experts with your print needs today:


Bulk Orders

Begin with the most common time you usually reach out to professional printers – when you have large or bulk printing requirements. These involve materials you usually mass reproduce for your personal or corporate use. You may even place significant print quantities if you’re using them to promote your business in your growing market.

They can also be your reliable business partner if you still can’t produce printed materials in bulk. You may be one of those businesses offering flyers printing services in Singapore that don’t have the means to reproduce bulk orders from your clients. Never hesitate to work with them if such volume requirements arise on your venture today.

Limited Funds

Large format printers can also produce your materials even if you have limited funds right from the start. They usually work around your print requirements depending on your initial allocation or maximum working budget. You only need to be specific with the details you share to get your cost-efficient printed materials from them.

They also give out exclusive discounts if you place bulk print orders with them. They may even reward you with more perks and incentives if you become one of their returning customers soon. Besides, why miss such opportunities to get more savings from their magazine printing services in Singapore by simply becoming their regular client today?

Tight Deadlines

It may no longer be new to you, but large format printing suppliers usually have the equipment and facilities to produce your printed materials in no time. That’s why you should also rely on them for your rush print requirements. You may even be surprised to get your newly printed materials even before your deadline arrives.

But it is also a must to be realistic with the deadlines you set with your professional printers. Never expect them to complete your bulk notebook printing orders in Singapore within several hours after giving them your final approved design. Always be mindful of your production timeline if you want to get your printed items done on your target schedule.

Unique Specifications

Large printing companies can also be your reliable suppliers if you have unique specifications on your print orders. These involve intricate designs you want to see on your materials that are uncommon in the market today. You may even be particular with cuts or finishes on your final output that only advanced printers can produce efficiently.

These requirements usually come about on most sticker printing orders in Singapore. That’s why it’s crucial to know printers that can accommodate unusual designs for your custom-made prints. You may never know; your chosen supplier can make your materials more unique than what you’re initially expecting from them. 

Zero Knowledge

More than anything else, it is advisable to trust your professional printers if you’re clueless about how you should work on your large format printing requirements today. Never settle with your DIY prints, as these may only cost you more in the long run. Besides, you may also not have the appropriate equipment to produce such sizable materials for you.

But you may only need to prepare several things before visiting their printers soon. These include essential requirements that ensure you with your high-quality poster printing orders in Singapore. Are you again unaware of these crucial production details? Better continue reading through to learn more about them.


Essential Things to Prepare Before Visiting Your Printers

As mentioned, your preparation never ends after knowing the best time to visit any large format printing supplier in Singapore. You should also be ready with several things you need to have on hand once you decide to work with them. Here are some of them that you must start preparing now before meeting with your chosen printers soon:


Detailed Instructions

Always begin with the first set of information you need to prepare as soon as you have found yourtrusted large format printers – your printing instructions. These usually contain details about your print requirements that will help your supplier provide your wanted materials. You only need to be specific with your preferences to avoid any issues after they reproduce your orders.

Never forget to include details about your desired quantity, dimensions, print quality, and finish. You should also mention if you’ll only require them to do your packaging boxes printing,or should they also assemble them for you. Again, avoid problems arising with your printed materials by preparing your detailed print instructions.

Must-Include Item! It would be great to also explain your special printing requests in detail with your large formatprinters. These are unusual requirements not included with their offered packages that you only want with your print orders. Be straightforward with them if you only want to get your desired printed materials.

Design Templates

Be ready also with your design templates once you decide to work with professional printers anytime soon. These should include hi-resolution copies of your print requirements that are ready for immediate reproduction. Always be cautious with your shared files since the final name card printing documents your Singapore printers receive are the ones they usually produce.

It would be best to speak with your large format printing supplier about their print guidelines for your reference. They usually share details about specific dimensions and colour schemes you need to follow to achieve your desired prints. They may also have recommendations you can apply to your final design material to improve its quality.

Must-Include Item! Are you aware of bleed requirements? These are the extra side spaces you need to consider every time you create your final design templates. Paper bag printing suppliers in Singaporeusually trim or fold these extended prints to create your desired materials from them.

Budget Allocation

It is also essential to prepare your large format printing budget beforehand. But you must not limit your allocation on the fees you need to settle with your printers. Always be mindful that there are more costs you need to be ready for as soon as you confirm your initial agreement with them soon.

These include your professional design fees if you need assistance in creating your certificate printing templates in Singapore. You should also consider your travel expenses if you want to visit your printers and check your materials firsthand. Besides, you may need to inspect their initial prints before they start mass-producing your orders.

Must-Include Item! Never forget about your logistical spending if you need to transport your final prints from their large printing shops to your current location. Best if your supplier can deliver them straight to your doorsteps for your added convenience. So, better confirm if they offer such services to get more savings.

Production Timeline

It may sound unnecessary for some but creating a production timeline is also essential as you plan to partner with a large format printing supplier in Singapore. It usually includes deadlines you must meet to get your desired prints on time. You may also indicate your daily print goals as soon as you send your final design files to your printers.

Best if you seek help from your large format printing supplier in drafting your production schedule. They won’t only provide you with specific details needed for your timeline, but they will also give you realistic deadlines to achieve your desired prints. You may even recommend ideas on how to get your print requirements ahead of your initial outline.

Must-Include Item! Try requesting a progress report from your printers to keep you posted with your brochure printing requirements in Singapore. It would be great if they include regular updates on the status of your print orders. Compare their shared information with your initial production timeline to see if you’re on track.

Quality Check

Most importantly, always allocate a separate schedule for your comprehensive print quality check. It may either take a day or two, depending on your large format or small-sized printing requirements. Confirm with your supplier the best time you should visit their printers for your cross-checking.

It has been a common practice in the industry that you get to inspect your flyers and other printing requirements in Singapore before your supplier mass produces them. But you should always check with them about their quality check protocols before they even print your orders. You may never know; they might forget about it after sending them your final design templates.

Must-Include Item! Never forget to check the condition of their initial proof on your large format printingrequirements before giving your approval. Be wary of repurposed or expensive materials that may only cost you more than your expected spending. You should also receive similar print qualities from your first quality checking with your final print outputs.


How to Find Your Reliable Printers?

Are you now ready to send your large format printing requirement to your chosen Singaporeprinters? You can always proceed with it anytime if you already have the abovementioned details on hand. You can also make the most of your first prints if you get to find a reliable supplier you can trust using these tips below:


  • Do your research to learn more about the different large format printing shops that can accommodate your print requirements today. Be specific with your search based on your supplier needs and output preferences. Best if they’re also near your place for quick and easy access.
  • Try visiting their physical shops to see samples of their large format printing works in Singapore personally. You may even get to see their printers in action that could help you decide whether you should partner with them or not. Besides, they might have more offers in store for you once you drop by their location soon.
  • Nevertheless, always trust reputable large format printing suppliers like Win & Win Printer for your much-needed prints! You no longer need to worry about getting substandard materials since they’re well-known for their high-quality products.

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