Luxury Furniture to Add to Your Living Room in Singapore


Planning to repaint your walls? Want to refinish the flooring of your newly bought home? Or you probably want to add some trendy wall art, frames, and other accessories? Interior design can be costly, especially if you’ve just invested heavily in the house. Even if you’re only seeking to renovate a room in your current home, the expenditures can quickly add up. These expenses might discourage a homeowner to do the renovation. It is not to mention that renovating your home can be a hassle. The part that is being renovated can be inaccessible for a couple of days and it’s awkward to retrieve things from packing boxes.

But did you know that renovations need not be too costly and inconvenient? You can change your home interior design by simply changing your furniture set. Here, we listed some of the luxury furniture in Singapore that can beautify your home without the hassle.

How Furniture Affects the Home Aesthetics

When we talk about furniture, what comes to mind first is the function of each piece. For instance, when we are looking for a wardrobe, we always thought of it as a storage for clothes. In reality, your wardrobe plays an important role in your bedroom’s aesthetic. Depending on the dimensions of your wardrobe, it may partially or completely cover a side of your bedroom walls. Thus, whatever colour or design you put on that side of the wall, will be obscured and replaced by your wardrobe. This is why you should carefully consider the furniture you’ll add to your home. Below are the other reasons why furniture is important in the home’s interior design.


Furniture as accessories

In a home interior design, furniture pieces are considered accessories. They add to the “theme” and style of each interior design. For example, in Scandinavian interior design, the choice of furniture is very important. Wooden and minimalist furniture is a crucial element in a Scandinavian design. Since the design is very minimalistic, the room would seem vacant without the piece of furniture. At the same time, the wrong choice of furniture will ruin the style. This is also true for rustic interior. Adding a glass coffee table in a rustic interior might ruin the design as the style is known for wooden, barn house aesthetics. Instead, you can opt for a crate box style coffee table which would definitely look more rustic.

Furniture as statement pieces

Furniture can also make a statement piece for your home. Pop art furniture gained a reputation for this. The choice of furniture shows off the personality of the homeowner as well as his/her preferences. For instance, if you are into classic wooden or marble furniture and you decorate your home with stone decor and a marble coffee table, dining table, and countertop, you’ll give off a sense of neatness and orderliness. Meanwhile, if you decorate your home with colourful pop art furniture, you are giving off a playful and carefree vibe. It goes the same for people who prefer rustic or Bohemian style furniture.

Furniture as a form of home renovation tool

Why do we renovate our home? To add space? To change the style? To make it more functional? These same reasons can be accomplished when you change your furniture set at home. Changing your massive furniture to slimmer ones can optimize space. Updating your furniture to a certain design can change the style of your interior. Most of all, upgrading your furniture can make your home more functional. Thus, it is crucial to see furniture as more than just additions to a house. They are also tools for home renovation. In fact, changing your furniture pieces is sometimes enough to bring a visible change in your home’s interior design.


Luxury furniture pieces that can beautify your home

As mentioned above, furniture pieces can transform your home’s interior design. Luxury furniture can make your home more stylish and improve its functionality. Here are some of the furniture pieces that you can add to your home for the budget-friendly renovation of your dreams.



Your living room is the first area of your home interior that will be seen by your guests. More often than not, it also serves as a common room for your family. Thus, a great deal of re-furnishing must be centred around the living room. For the first furniture suggestion, we will talk about consoles.

Most living rooms have television sets or even mini theatres. People love watching TV as a pastime. It is also a convenient way to entertain your guests while you are busy preparing drinks and snacks. Thus, it is important to ensure that your television’s console table is presentable. There will be quite a time that your guest will look over the area, and a dull or old looking console will not go unnoticed. Furthermore, it is recommended that you pair your console table’s design with the overall style of your living room. There are many available designs for console nowadays, it will be a piece of cake to look for one that will suit your home’s interior design.

Coffee Table

Another thing that is noticeable in your living room is the coffee table. Luckily, there are tons of coffee table designs in the market today to choose from. Whether you like a rustic crate boxes coffee table, a contemporary coffee table, or a classic marble coffee table, you’ll surely find one in your trusted furniture shop. It is also good to note that when you are choosing a coffee table for your living room, you must carefully consider the size of the room. If you have a small space to deal with, opt for a circular table to optimize space.


Lamps are very essential in providing aesthetics to a home interior. Aside from its function of providing light during the night, lamps are also decorative in their own ways. Statement lamps are gaining popularity recently. There are various designs of lights such as chandeliers, pendant lights, and wall lamps you can include in your home interior to improve its beauty.


A vanity table or dressing table is often placed in the bedroom or the ensuite bathroom. Although not often seen by your guests, a dressing table is a very personal piece of furniture in your home. We all have our preference when it comes to our vanity table. Some love the classy, Victorian style tables. Others prefer a simple white dresser that resembles Hampton style furniture. The style of your dressing table can be a statement of your personality. Further, it is also a good tool to organize your things.

There you go! Those furniture pieces can make for an affordable home transformation you’ve been looking forward to. For more tips and insights on using furniture for home improvements, don’t forget to check out Snow Globe’s official website.