Here are 4 Signals That You Need Help from a Divorce Lawyer


Who wouldn’t want to have a near-perfect relationship with their spouse after saying their I Do’s during their marriage? Well, it may be applicable for you if you happen to have a “fairytale-like” romance with your partner. But always that you’re not living in a fantasy and all good things might come to an end with your unwanted divorce procedure in Singapore.

Hence, it may be the right time to consider help from a legal practitioner when you happen to have issues with your spouse that only they can mediate. These are problems that you may be unaware of because of your false hopes in your relationship. Furthermore, you might be suffering from various maltreatments that tell you to work on your divorce procedures today.

Here are some marital issues that you should work on with your partner through the help of your divorce lawyer in Singapore. Always take note that you should work on it before you decide to part ways. You may never know, there are some legal battles you need to face apart from saying your goodbyes with each other.

Abusive Partner

There should be no further questions if you suffer from an abusive partner and contact a lawyer who can work on your divorce procedures immediately. Remember that your spouse can be ruthless in different ways.

The most common one is through physical maltreatment that may cause you to develop wounds and bruises. Be cautious with such acts as these may lead to life-threatening injuries that could risk your overall welfare. Singapore has a legal divorce process for such cases that you can use to protect you and your family.

Another way your partner can hurt you is through your emotions. They may not physically hurt you, but they can still inflict damage through their words. Watch out for such abusive remarks from your spouse as it may lead to your mental instability. Hence, consult your divorce lawyer on the proper procedures you need to work on with your case.

Irresponsible Spouse

Aside from their abuses and maltreatments, be wary of their abandonment of their responsibilities to your family. Whether you’re living alone together or with children, there are particular duties your spouse needs to fill in legally. Here are some of them that you should always remember:

  • First and foremost, you and your partner should be faithful once you have agreed to the process of marriage in Singapore. Both of you must remain loyal with each other until you are legally separated. Never tolerate your spouse from having physical or emotional affairs with anyone while the law still legally binds you.
  • It is also essential that you trust each other whenever you need to decide anything for your relationship or family. You only need to ensure that these are favourable decisions that will benefit both of you. Hence, reconsider their options with ones that are best for you.
  • But before you both make any decisions; you must consult each other to prevent any misunderstandings. You and your partner must practice an objective two-way communication where you can express your comments freely.
  • Most importantly, you and your spouse must be able to provide for your family once you have undergone the legal procedures of marriage in the region. These include your physical, financial, and even affectional needs.

There might be more, but these are the most common ones that you need to look for in your relationship and from your spouse. However, if you think and feel that you deserve more of what you’re currently getting, then you can consult your divorce lawyer of the right process on how you can demand more.

Stressful Relationship

As mentioned, it is ideal that you get to keep your mental health fit and fine while you’re with your spouse. You and your partner must be comfortable with each other that you’ll never need any assistance from any divorce practitioner in Singapore. Besides, why would you look for someone to meddle with a relationship that should only require both of you?

However, if it only stresses you out and you need a third-party interference, then it might be the best time to work on your divorce procedures. You may insist that you can still handle the stress that your relationship brings to you. But it is always recommended that you seek professional advice before it goes out of your hand and disrupts your emotional sanity.

Indisputable Separation

On the other hand, there are some instances that you choose to work with a lawyer when you both accept that you should split-up. Hence, it might be your best option to get an uncontested divorce in Singapore to legally end your marriage with the help of your legal practitioners. Here are some ways on how you can prepare in such cases if you’re clueless with it:

  • Work on your proposal that you wish to settle outside the courtroom. These include your financial requests, must-haves, and legal conditions that you should agree with your partner. Let your divorce lawyer review your terms before presenting them to the other party.
  • Expect your spouse to present a similar proposal that details their demands and requests. Review them with your legal practitioner and negotiate if you have several items that you wish to remove or include from their proposal.
  • But if you do not come into an agreement with your spouse, you may proceed with your uncontested divorcecase. You should attend your hearings to prevent losing your legal battle due to your nonappearance.

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