How Accidents Can Happen in Rockford Parking Lots


When drivers are in parking lots, they tend to relax a bit too much. Many of them believe that there is less risk of an accident because they are driving at a very slow speed. As a result, they may pull out their phone to send text messages or chat with someone on social media. However, drivers must keep in mind that a car accident can still happen in parking lots that could lead to serious injuries and vehicle damage.

Illinois is a fault state and injured victims of car accidents in parking lots who wish to file a compensation claim must prove the fault of the other driver involved. This is usually challenging to do and requires extensive knowledge of Illinois right-of-way laws. That is why victims need to work with a Car Accident Lawyer in Rockford.

Which Driver Gets a Parking Lot Right of Way

A lot of accidents that happen in parking lots involve a car backing out of the space and another vehicle in the feeder lane.  A driver who wishes to back out should wait for path clearance. Otherwise, they may be at fault for an accident and can be held financially liable for the resulting damages. Such a rule applies whether this driver is in a private parking lot or a public space.

Sometimes, parking lot accidents in Rockford can also occur when two drivers back of a space together. Both drivers may be partially blamed for this kind of accident. But, if a vehicle was nearly done backing out of the space and the other just began to move, the driver of the latter may be fully at fault for the crash. Also, some accidents involve vehicles pulling out of parking spaces onto the street. Vehicles on the street have the right of way and those on the lane that leads to the street should yield to these cars.

How to Prevent Parking Lot Accidents

Rockford drivers can take different steps to reduce their risk of accidents while in parking lots. First, they should avoid distractions and concentrate on their driving. A lot of things can happen on the road and a driver cannot just depend on others to always keep their eyes on what they are doing. Also, drivers must always look out for pedestrians who may not cross the road in designated crosswalks. And while in parking lots, drivers must slow down. There is so much activity in these spaces that drivers need time, so they can avoid danger.