How To Make Money Writing Short Fiction And Screenplays – Becoming A Bestselling Fiction Author


Yes, you could really make money writing stories as an author. Most successful authors make between ten and twenty thousand dollars per story. However, if you intend to become a commercial writer, the majority of individuals will only pay you about ten to twenty thousand dollars per page. Most often, less well-known writers will only pay you about five to ten thousand dollars per piece.

In your quest to make money writing stories, it is important to remember that your success will directly depend on the quality of your short stories. This is not a job where you can just throw together a couple of words and then expect for it to sell. Short stories should be written in such a manner as to entertain while also teaching. You have to present information in such a way that keeps the reader interested. You must use a unique voice that makes you memorable, but at the same time, you must make sure that the reader knows you are an experienced writer.

One of the ways that you could really make money writing stories is through the introduction of a new work of fiction into the world of publishing. The best selling authors are also the most successful authors in the world of publishing. Many of the bestselling fiction novels that are sold today began their careers as novel writing programs. The novels were produced by companies such as Arbor Books or Piccadilly Books. Many of the winners of the popular Science Fiction or Fantasy Novel Awards have had their works made into successful publishing programs through a publishing house such as Tor Books and erotic stories.

Another way to make money writing stories is by writing short stories for television. There are a number of award winning shows that air on television each year and if you get your work placed into one of these production companies, you have a very good chance of winning an online writing tips short fiction prize. The majority of writers who become popular on television do so because they have an interesting voice. Their distinct voices catch the attention of viewers and make them want to keep listening to the story as it is being told.

If you are interested in writing online, another way you could make money writing short fiction or screenplays is to become a freelance writer for several websites. Writers for hire can come in and help you with your ideas and help you write your own stories. They will give you outline to help you write the story and may act as your “sidekick” for brainstorming and editing. Freelance writers can work from home and have flexible schedules.

These are just a few of the ways how to make money writing short stories and screenplays. Many people are struggling to find a way to make a living with their writing, and the best solution to this is to find a mentor and follow their lead. Find a work-at-home job that suits you, such as being a freelancer. When you become a successful writer, the next step is to figure out what kind of writer you really want to be. It is important to love what you do so you will be happy and continue to do it long after you have become financially independent.