The minefield of business storage


It’s hard work running a business – there’s so much to consider, from hiring staff to boosting profits. When it comes to storage needs, a simple yet durable system is what most people desire. If you have a storage facility for stock or a warehouse for distribution, how do you ensure your shelving is fit for purpose?

The choices may seem endless, and it’s true that there are many options available to choose from. It’s important to spend some serious time in considering what is right for your business as choosing the wrong type could prove to be a disaster!

Firstly, what items to have that need to be stored? For the storage of small items or components, a good solution is bin shelves. This system can also be used to complement a bigger storage system and is easy to arrange and keep organised.

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For flexibility, shelving can come in a boltless variety. This system is simple to install, as it uses no bolts and can be moved and repositioned without much hassle. For more details on Shelving Ireland, visit a site like Rackzone

For businesses short on space, mobile shelving is a great option. This system is more compact, with the ability to open a section you need access to without opening everything.

Ideal for office spaces is the option of built-in shelving. This type can be installed into all sorts of shaped spaces which makes them a good space-saving solution. This is one of the most flexible choices and can constructed prior to or after installation.

Floating shelving is also available and would probably suit an office space rather than a warehouse setting. These come in a wide range of sizes and colours with no visible attachments to the wall, giving them the appearance of floating. Again, this system of shelving offers good space saving and modern look.

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The most common type of shelving seen in warehouses is metal shelving. Its popularity can be explained by the fact that it can store a wide range of items of all sizes and shapes. Dividers can also be installed to make organisation a doddle. It is the top option for the storage of bulky items.

Multi-level systems are ideal for expanding your warehouse’s capacity without spending a fortune. They are effective for making good use of otherwise wasted overhead space. Instead of considering moving to a bigger facility, this system of shelving can be a solid economical alternative.

Closed units are used in environments where there is a need for the storage of perishable goods or sensitive items. A closed unit prevents contamination, avoiding the hazards present from dust and changes in temperature, for example.