What Are Self-Cleaning Toilet Bowl And How They Work?


Like any other people out there, everyone hates the smell of toilets, especially in public places. Everyone wanted a toilet bowl with automated flush systems in some part of their lives. But after a few technological developments, who would have thought a touchless faucet and an automated toilet bowl in Singapore bathrooms is now possible?

Long before paper towels became a thing, homeowners always saw cleaning toilet bowls as a dreaded task. It usually becomes an image of holding your nose and wiping the edges and corners to remove stains that you’d want to forget.

However, today, you no longer need to leave a set of paper holders beside you when you have a self-cleaning toilet bowl available in Singapore.

What is a self-cleaning electronic toilet?

You might be wondering if this is another cunning advertising technique that lies to you about your cleaning task. However, many manufacturers today define this toilet bowl in Singapore as a hygienic seat every time you use the restroom.

It contains toilet bowl accessories, electronic toilet flush systems, and a clean bidet toilet seat in Singapore that saves people from frustrating and dirty work. Like how it is with a touchless faucet, this hands-free technology activates by itself.

The most notable thing about an electronic toilet bowl is that it washes and sanitises the inside on its own. To help prevent unattractive and unclean stains from gathering, many models have a distinct button from the toilet flush systems or handles.

They are specially designed toilets containing high water pressure in their installed bidet toilet seat and cleaning technology that’s more powerful and efficient. Here are some features you should know about it.

What are the features of an automated toilet bowl?

Reduce leftover stains

With bathroom accessories in Singapore used all the time, stains are more likely to form in areas of the toilet bowl when the flush water is insufficient to eliminate the waste. Even if you frequently scrub the toilet, the volume of waste inevitably results in unsightly stains that nobody wants.

A self-cleaning toilet bowl in Singapore has specially constructed toilet flush systems that reduce the amount of waste that can build. Self-cleaning toilets with a non-porous surface glaze further prohibit human waste from seeping into the wrong places.

Contains disinfectant solutions

With an automated toilet bowl in Singapore, you may experience disinfection agents such as EWATER+, ensuring that they thoroughly clean the exterior and interior of the toilet bowl throughout this process. The most significant advantage of this is that it is highly effective at improving toilet hygiene.

It helps to prevent the buildup of waste where you can be sure and comfortable that every time you use your toilet bowl, you are free from any living germs from touching your body.

Strong water pressure

You may have experienced those moments where you find it hard to flush down or can’t seem to have toilet paper in your bathroom. However, a self-cleaning toilet bowl has accessories with a bidet toilet seat or a wand with a high-water pressure.

The water pressure on the bowl’s carefully engineered design removes human waste that could otherwise remain in the porcelain bowl in a standard toilet.

Experience heated seats

If you wish to be comfortable even in your bathroom as you use your phone, you can with a toilet bowl in Singapore. A heated toilet seat is possible that lets you do your business as you relax. A heated toilet seat is also a saviour for people who suffer from chronic discomfort. The heat produced by electricity helps calm the muscle as you sit on it, thereby alleviating some of your discomforts for a few minutes.

Automates raising and lowering seats

When it comes to those who are not a fan and sensitive to raising and closing their toilet lids, specific self-cleaning toilets have sensors that automatically elevate and drop the toilet seat for them. Instead of washing many times in your wash basins in your Singapore bathroom, you can reduce the number of germs that spread when hands come into contact with toilet bowls.

Hands-free flushing

Most Singaporeans do not prefer to flush manually as germs and bacteria live there, especially in public areas. However, with an electrical toilet bowl in Singapore, you can experience hands-free toilet flush systems that promote a healthier environment.

In other cases, such as when you tap a touchless faucet or bathroom taps in Singapore public areas, the water is delivered for a short period instead of staying and wasting more water. This way you can save more energy and water.

Eliminate odours

A self-cleaning toilet bowl in Singapore also features a deodoriser that leaves the toilet system with fragranced gel that helps eliminate foul odour and cleans the bowl lowering the need to use harsh chemical solutions. You can be comfortable knowing your toilet bowl is safe, clean and smells better all the time.


How are these features beneficial?

Compared to the typical paper toilet seat covers, an automatic toilet bowl in Singapore is light years ahead of the competition. You no longer need to have to come into contact with a germ-ridden surface.

With a few clicks, a wand with an antibacterial solution can save you from the dilemma of manual cleaning and brushing. You can be sure that even at home, where you have a guest coming over, or in a public setting, leaks and leftover stains will no longer haunt you.

Maybe it’s time to replace the old, worn-out seat cover with a fresh, clean, and disinfected cover. It means you don’t have to handle the old toilet seat or any other part of the cover. You can finally save yourself from buying tons of unnecessary bathroom accessories for your Singapore home or commercial building with an electronic toilet seat.

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