What You Need To Know About Wine Coolers And/Or Fridges


Imagine coming home on a sunny afternoon after working just to go straight to your wine cooler to take a chilled glass of wine. Now, who doesn’t want that kind of relaxation would you rather have come back from work to end up taking a warm wine and thus come to the need for a wine fridge? Taking chilled juice, wine or any drink of your choice on a hot sunny afternoon is enough to put your mind in a mode of relaxation.


If wine bottles are kept in a spot with too high a temperature ( like a cupboard above a stove)  the heat can ruin the flavour, similarly if left in too cold an area you could risk freezing the bottle which also damages the flavour and in that situation, storing in a fridge may turn out to be handy.

Why do you need them?

You may not own these but they are quite helpful mainly because they help maintain the proper temperature of your wine in a regular fridge, and since it may get opened and closed quite often, it may cause its temperature to fluctuate. This may either be harmful to your wine or may have no effect on it, but one thing is certain, nobody likes to take a hot wine.

Below are a few reasons why you need them

  • Wines have always been known to have a particular range at which they should be kept and served. When Storing your wine, you need will need to take note of this as storing them at a range too high or low you could risk spoiling it
  • The temperature zone at which wines are kept in wine fridges gives them long-term storage and keeps wine at serving temperature.
  • When vibration occurs they unsettle the particles that have already sedimented and when this happens it could cause a chain of chemical reactions that may affect not only the colour but also the taste and nobody likes a wine that tastes awful
  • One thing about wine coolers is that their rate of keeping the humidity of wine is higher than that of an average fridge which stops the shrinkage of the corks. This shrinkage can be quite alarming and frustrating because it allows for the entry of oxygen into the bottle and this can affect the wine quality
  • Many may not know this, but wines tend to take in odour if they are kept in a regular refrigerator. You may have noticed this with bottled waters kept in regular fridges that are filled with pepper and the like, they tend to absorb the odour and make it their own. The same goes for wine kept in fridges like this.