7 Designs For Printed Shirts | Corporate Shirt Printing


T-shirts have always been part of the lives of people. Without them, many will talk about you or even laugh. They are one of the many pieces of clothing you should always have in your closet, so choose what you can wear anytime and anywhere. Shirts are also for customisation, whether you are at school or office. There are events you need to attend, so wear something that would highlight the celebration. But if you are in a professional setting, search for a corporate t shirt printing service in Singapore to print the design you want.


The design of your shirt says something about you. It might look like nothing to some, but it reflects your mood or who you are. And to make it more into you, print your design. To help you decide on one, here are the commonly printed shirt designs that you could send in a t shirt printing company in Singapore:


Corporate shirt printing is available for congratulatory messages and more. You can put short messages on your shirt, especially if there are celebrations like birthdays, anniversaries, or proposals. Ensure that the short message is about the occasion.


If short messages are okay, you will also see people wearing shirts with quotes in the design. Some of them are short, but some take up the entire space of the front shirt. You will commonly notice them in white or black clothing.


One design for company printed t shirts is the company logo. But this design is usually seen in clothing used as a uniform. If you use it for events, ensure that it matches the occasion. You may place the company logo on the upper left side of the shirt or at the upper centre at the back.


You may also print your favourite character on your shirt. Check the internet to see some design inspirations, especially if you want it to look simple yet eye-catching. Some people print the design on the entire shirt, including the sleeves. But for simplicity, placing it on the centre part will do.



Aside from the company logo, you can also use your team logo for events. If you get divided into groups, create a logo to distinguish those who belong to your team. Print it on your shirt with the help of corporate shirt printing. You do not need to call out names or shout because you will know where you need to go.


This shirt design is for events like birthdays and anniversaries. And if you want it for your celebration, choose a decent photo, then submit it to the printing company. You may also modify something on the picture before sending and printing it.


There are many shirt designs, and some of them are hand-drawn. Instead of editing and putting colours on your drawing, the sketch is what you will print. If you want a unique design for your company printed t shirts, consider this design.

Designs impact the clothing. If what you want for your event is not available online or in the mall, get the help of a corporate shirt printing service. Just send the design you want, and they will print it. Do not forget to inform them of the print location on the shirt.


You can get the help of corporate shirt printing services anytime you need them. They are reachable online, and you will not have a problem contacting one. However, the process will still start with you. Before sending them the design, consider the following factors when choosing a shirt:



Can you imagine yourself wearing a too tight or loose shirt? It could be uncomfortable, especially on the arms and tummy area. Loose shirts are okay if you are at home or will go somewhere that would make you sweat a lot. But if you wear a tight shirt, you may feel suffocated.


You will never run out of options when it comes to the design. There are many of them in malls and online stores, but you may also consider getting a corporate shirt printing service to print your design. If you have an event to host or attend, creating one will make you look unique.


The colour of your shirt is necessary, especially if you will go to a gathering. Ensure that you will wear something that complements the event. But if there is no specific colour needed, the shirt must match your skin tone. Also, choose a colour that you can partner with pants, skirts, or shorts.


Fabric is one of the bases of the price. And if it is low-quality, expect that your shirt will not last for years. For people who need company printed t shirts, choose a fabric that can hold different printing methods. Examples are silkscreen, custom, digital heat-press, sublimation, and embroidery.



The brand of the shirt also affects the price and quality. If you want a high-quality shirt, buy from brands known for their excellent background and products. If you are on a budget, go for other brands, but you must be patient in checking everything about it.


Always check the price of everything you will buy, even if you are not on a budget. It is where you will see if they are worth it or if there are others better than them. You also need to consider the quantity, especially if you buy for the company or the team. Do not include the cost of the corporate shirt printing.


Shirts are not limited to one or two styles. You will see many of them, so choose one that matches the event you will attend. Go for regular ones if you stay at home or go to public places.

Before spending your money on something, ensure to check all the factors that would affect the product or service. And when it comes to shirts, these seven can give you an idea of what shirt you must choose. Once done checking all these, contact a t shirt printing companyin Singapore or visit the website of Express Printing.