7 important questions for personal injury lawyers 


No matter whether you have suffered because of medical negligence, or were injured in a car accident, hiring an attorney is necessary. Personal injury laws are inherently complicated, and without reliable legal counsel, you may lose your rights and scope to get a fair settlement. In this post, we are sharing 7 questions for Grand Junction personal injury lawyers

  1. Have you handled similar personal injury lawsuits before? Make sure that you hire a lawyer who has experience with similar circumstances and cases. Don’t shy away from discussing their previous settlements. 
  2. What do you think of my case? A competent personal injury lawyers will offer a fair overview of the possible outcomes, merits and demerits of your claim. For instance, if you had a part role in the accident, your compensation may reduce accordingly, because Colorado follows the modified comparative negligence rule. 
  3. What percentage of your practice is dedicated to personal injury laws? Not all law firms deal with personal injury cases alone, and this could be a point of consideration for complicated circumstances. 
  4. Will you work on a contingency basis? Many lawyers work on a contingency basis for personal injury claims lawsuits, which means that they will only charge if they win. In such an arrangement, the fee is usually between 15% and 40% of the final compensation.  
  5. What are other expenses of the case? There are litigation expenses that must be incurred for personal injury cases. The lawyer may have to pay for other things to gather evidence. Ask the lawyer if they are going to absorb these costs in the fee. If not, do you have to pay anything upfront?
  6. How much should I expect in compensation? This may vary depending on the facts and your share of fault, but ask your lawyer about the possible compensation. Good lawyers can give you an idea of the estimated settlement amount. 
  7. Will my case go to trial? Most personal injury lawsuits are settled outside of court, but a good lawyer will be prepared for all consequences. Ask the lawyer if the case can go to court, and whether they have courtroom experience. 

Don’t hire a lawyer who is unavailable for a personal meeting. The first meeting is necessary to know the lawyer and the scope of your personal injury lawsuit. Your lawyer can guide on your rights and can discuss their strategy to negotiate with the claims adjuster. Check online for top-rated personal injury lawyers in Colorado now!