What Could Cause an Albuquerque Truck Accident?


Being involved in any kind of accident is traumatic; however, a crash that involves a commercial truck can lead to devastating injuries. The accident can leave behind evidence that victims can use when they file an insurance claim or lawsuit. An Albuquerque Personal injury lawyer can collect this evidence for their client.  

How Truck Accidents Can Happen

Truck accidents in Albuquerque lead to more serious injuries than those that involve passenger vehicles. Big trucks usually weigh 20-30 times more than smaller vehicles, so when they hit a smaller vehicle, the latter will bear the serious impact. The following factors may cause a truck accident:

  • Braking capability. A loaded tractor-trailer requires a more significant stopping distance than a passenger car, especially if it travels on slippery roads or with poorly maintained brakes. As a truck travels at highway speeds in good road conditions, it requires a distance of almost two football fields before it can come to a full stop. 
  • Height difference. Underride accidents can occur because of the differences in the heigh of a truck and a car. In this accident, the smaller vehicle goes underneath the trailer or truck. 
  • Driver fatigue. Under the law, there is a time limit to how long a truck driver can operate a vehicle without rest. Unfortunately, drivers may be forced to work longer than this limit because of pressures from the trucking company. Fatigued or overworked drivers may not have the mental alertness and energy necessary to stay focused on the road and the surroundings, possibly causing an accident. 

Other factors that may lead to truck accidents include reckless driving and speeding, driving while intoxicated, dangerous road conditions, unsecured cargo, defective truck components, and untrained drivers. The cause of the accident will help determine liability to the accident.

Victims can Seek Compensation

Often, truck collisions lead to serious injuries or fatalities. Thus, Albuquerque accident victims will have to deal with financial losses and personal suffering. Thankfully, they may be eligible for monetary compensation. But, they need to prove that the at-fault party caused the crash because of their negligence or recklessness. Evidence must be collected and preserved because it will be used to prove liability and determine the extent of the victim’s losses. But, as victims deal with the stress of the collision and the impacts of their injuries, these to-do things could easily overwhelm them. Fortunately, a skilled attorney can take the burden off their shoulders.