The Ultimate Guide To Branded Content On Facebook And Instagram


As in the era of the digital world, it is essential to create your brand awareness and maintaining the engagement of the customers to promote your sales. You might be working as an independent content creator for the audience, or you might be working in a multinational company, but your brand must be known to your large set of audience. And this engagement is a big challenge that you can achieve if you have the Insights for Better Branded Content, which can help your brand to gain what you are looking for. So let us look at the brief overview of branded content on Facebook, Instagram and the Lipton Branded Content Case Study, which can help you to explore a broader perspective and how you can use these big platforms for your marketing.

How Lipton Reemerged As A Tea Brand Through Social Media Influencers: 

Lipton Branded Content Case Study is a unique study of a CPG brand wanted their influence on the big set of audience and increase consumers. And they realized that it could happen if they influence Social media users. To make this possible, they connected with the Influential brand content creator. The idea was to create a unique story through images and videos that can increase their consumer’s rate. Live videos and contests can create more engagement. They succeeded by using the latest AI tools and the mind of the perfect media agency who made this solution possible, and they made their sales even more than their benchmark.

Creating Branded Content On Instagram And Facebook: 

Before we dive into the overview of content marketing on Instagram or Facebook, let us look at the Latest News regarding it. According to the latest report, Facebook has announced that the brands can promote the contents created by the Social media influencer or content creators in the user’s feed. Even if the brand is not following the creator, they can publish it on feed. It will help the brand to advertise a unique perspective of each social media influencer to reach out to their audience.

One of the reasons for brands to choose Instagram or Facebook is because of the large number of audience over these applications. Instagram is the 2nd highest popular social-media platform after Facebook. Because of such a large population using this application, it increases the engagement rate. Another reason is the ease of use of these applications, and the influencers can explain their views through images and videos better than the long text. The people are more attached to the photos as they don’t want to waste their time reading a single content for more than a second. The next step is to find a suitable influencer who posts content related to your niche and has enough reach to give Insights for Better Branded Content to their audience and will create a better image value of your business. You can search for these Influencers by Hashtags of your business. Always look for those creators who are already a fan of your brand or is creating similar content. You can reach out to them to collaborate with your brand, and they can post content like the sponsored, reviewing the products, or they can also represent your brand by giving out their audience the discounts and promo codes for the purchase. In these ways, you can hire content creators and pay them for this partnership.