10 Must-Haves For A Perfect Home Office


Let’s face it—working indoors will be the norm for many of us for a couple more months to years. Despite the government allowing half of the workforce to fulfil their duties in their offices, there are still a decent number of employees who report to work virtually. Hybrid working environments will remain as the norm for the foreseeable future—others will sit in their physically distanced office desk arrangements in Singapore, while the rest will be hunched over their laptops at home.

Working within the four walls of a home is not easy. There will be unexpected sounds from dogs barking and babies crying. The home office desk in your Singapore flat may be too small for the amount of paperwork you have. You may even encounter fluctuating Internet speeds that make you freeze up during Zoom calls. Meeting deadlines and communicating with your colleagues will not go as smoothly as when you were all reporting to the office. However, there are ways to make a post-pandemic home-based job work.

To help you build a conducive “new normal” working setup, here are ten home office essentials that include furniture and decorations available in retail in Singapore:

Spacious Area

If your house or flat did not come with a built-in home office or study, find a space you can transform into your workstation. It should be as far as possible from high-traffic areas such as the living room and the kitchen. Your office should be in a remote part of your home, away from distracting passersby and bothersome noises. You should also measure out the space you have before you visit an office furniture retail store in Singapore. Knowing the exact size of your space will help you avoid miscalculated and wasteful purchases.


Ample Lighting

Productivity is affected by how light or dark your workspace is. The brighter the area is, the better your performance will be. Proper lighting can also ease eye strain and headache that result from staring at your laptop or desktop screen for too long. It can also help you see your work better while allowing your co-workers to see you. Aside from light bulbs and fixtures hanging from your ceiling, you can also get an office desk lamp in Singapore for a much more direct source of light.


Roomy Desk

A home office desk is crucial in any Singapore residential study. It is where the magic happens. From attending Zoom meetings to completing heaps of tasks, a desk will be your companion for eight hours, or more, every day. While the size of your table depends on the area you have at home, you should consider getting one that is as big as your space allows. It should have enough room to accommodate your computer, your towering paperwork, and the most vital piece of your work setup puzzle—your warm cup of coffee.


Ergonomic Chair

Sitting in front of your desk all day long can cause neck, back, and leg problems. You will want to avoid these complications as much as possible—it’s better to buy an ergonomic office chair in Singapore now than suffer from life-long chronic pain. Unlike your stiff dining seat, a comfortable ergonomic chair is designed to support the appropriate posture while sitting. You can also adjust it according to your height preference and roll it on the floor when moving from one workspace area to another.


Effective Filing System

How your stuff is organised can affect your motivation to start, continue, and finish your tasks. A cluttered office desk in your Singapore abode can cause your brains to lose the ability to focus and reduce your memory-forming and recalling skills. Start with a box or a shelf that will contain your documents, and categorise them according to urgency and importance. You can also reduce the number of printed files you have by scanning them and keeping digital copies on your computer or cloud storage.


Organised Storage

While you’re arranging your filing system, you should also take the chance to organise everything else in your workspace. Separating each work-related item can help you have extra working space. You can also quickly find everything you need if you keep your belongings in separate storage containers. Office desk organisers are available in Singapore in various sizes and designs. You can neatly store your folders, pens, stationery, and other office supplies while matching the aesthetics of your home office.

desk-facing-a-wall-with-photos-and-posters-hanging-on-itPersonalised Decor

Make your workstation ‘yours’ by adding fixtures and decorations that suit your style. You can hang photos and posters above your desk and place a few potted plants on the shelf. Come up with a theme or a colour scheme that screams your personality. Customise your space however you like by having DIY projects or buying embellishments from an office furniture retail store in Singapore.

a-table-with-a-small-clock-and-a-desk-calendarClocks And Calendars

Finding the right work-life balance includes adhering to a strict work schedule. Assign and monitor how many minutes or hours you put into a task to ensure that you are working efficiently. Keep track of how much time you spend finishing your duties by hanging a clock and a calendar above the home office desk in your Singapore personal workspace. If your table is not facing a wall, you can place a handy clock and a desk calendar at the edge of your worktop.


Strong Computer System

To make virtual workspaces possible, a robust and secure computer system is an absolute must-have. You don’t need to have a laptop or an office desk computer in Singapore that has the best specifications and latest innovations. You only need one that can handle your daily workload. Conduct some intense research about computer brands and product models that offer the speed, power, and durability that your job requires.

a-computer-loading-screenReliable Internet And Software

You need to have a high-speed internet connection and dependable software to avoid call disruptions and crashing computers. Your home office needs a desk computer hooked up to Singapore internet and programme providers that promise uninterrupted services that can intervene with your smooth workflow.

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